About me

This is me, I’m a silencious and solitary dreamer.¬†Precise and distracted, I like doing things my way. Certain beauty hits me straight to the heart and takes my breath away.¬†I always work with passion and love. I never get tired, or rather, I get tired but I never give up. I have many, many ideas coming up every moment, all the time, that I find wonderful and exciting. I can’t make most of it, but I dream of making them. I work listening to the music or audio books and my cat Nini, always with me, helps me a lot. Her company and support are essential. I give everyone a smile and I would like others to do it too.

I’m an Italian artist and illustrator born into a family of architects in Udine, Italy. I graduated in Architecture in Venice, studied and worked in Venice, Berlin, Barcelona, and attended some art schools like the International School of Illustration in Sarmede. I illustrated some children’s picturebooks, won several awards and mentions, including the Annual Award Gold 2017 of Autori di Immagini. Since 2018 I’m collaborating with Salani and Mondadori Education Publisher. Since 2019 I’m living and working in Hamburg, Germany, as a freelance illustrator.